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Download PI NETWORK APP from the App Store ➨ Use referral code „piny24“ ➨ to start “mining” directly via cell phone!

Why do I need the
Pi Network referral code ?

Pi is free. All you need is the Pi Network referral code from a trusted member of the network so you can start “mining”.

Therefore, after installing the app, simply enter piny24 as an referral and you can start “mining”.

What is special about the
Pi Network app ?

With the app “Pi Network” you can now mine Pi Tokens with your cell phone easily, for free and environmentally friendly with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to mine cryptocurrencies and participate in the global crypto boom.

The app is becoming increasingly successful worldwide and now has over 25 million users. In the Google Play Store alone, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times!

After the installation you will be guided step by step through the app and you can start mining for free with the Pi Network referral code after 1min per click. A Pi Network referral is mandatory to participate in the project. It is a great development that you can now use your cell phone to mine cryptocurrencies passively and environmentally friendly.

0 Decentralized
Secure and instantly available digital money worldwide.
* Mobile First
Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery.
* Planet-Friendly
Simple user interface, without much power consumption.

Do you have any questions?

Pi Network invitation code

Pi Network referral code

Frequently asked questions

Pi Network value / price ?

Currently, the Pi Network project is in phase 2 (testnet), which is why the token cannot yet be traded and therefore has no value. Pi is technically based on the Stellar protocol with which cryptocurrencies, or digital money in general, can be stored and sent.

When the project reaches phase 3 (Mainnet), Pi will be listed on the well-known crypto exchanges. The currently early mined Pi tokens can then be turned into "real" money.

To participate, you need a Pi Network referral code: Feel free to use "piny24" to support my work and the project.

Because in the Pi Network App with each "Halving" naturally less Pi Tokens can be generated, it is of course useful to be there as early as possible.

Pi Network Roadmap

Pi Network review ?

Due to the high user numbers of over 25 million, the team of PhDs from Stanford with good technical backgrounds and the build on the popular Stellar protocol, Pi Network should be able to successfully transition to phase 3 (Mainnet).

The considerable initial success of Pi should now make it easier for the team to collect sponsors' money in order to advance the technical development more quickly and bring the token to the crypto exchanges.

The deflationary (limited) number of tokens makes the project additionally valuable, which is why you can give Pi a chance; the app is free anyway and the time required is minimal.

Pi Network scam ?

Pi Network is a project from California around the core team Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis and Dr. Chengdiao Fan under the brand SocialChain Inc. The two founders have demonstrably completed their Stanford PhD and they publicly stand behind it with their names. In addition, there was a hackathon in 2021 in which numerous developers participated. It is therefore unlikely that Pi Network is a fake.

Since the project now has 25 million users (as of 10.2021) and has been listed in the official app stores of Apple and Google for a long time, Pi Network is not a fake in my estimation, since this would certainly have already been noticed. The referral marketing approach is an industry standard that has worked very successfully for Pi Network. The project only lives from the trust of the users and from its size, which is why it requires a high reach to create a market around the Pi Coin.

You can also restrict the rights of the app and the token generation still works flawlessly, the energy consumption of the app is not higher than other apps as well (no proof of stake approach - probably technically currently a simulation of the token generation).

In conclusion, I assume that intensive work is being done on phase 3 and that the project will soon be technically ready so that the Pi Coin can be traded and held in one's own wallet. Of course, this is never 100 percent certain, however, the Pi Network app and participation is free (except for a theoretical low power consumption and minimal time investment), which is why I think you can give the project a chance.

The idea that everyone who owns a cell phone can easily pay and trade with digital money worldwide and without an account (often not available for poor people) is an approach that makes the world a little better again. Using Pi Network without referral code is currently not possible, so feel free to use "piny24" to start "mining".

Pi Network referral code - piny24

Pi Network referral code : piny24

If you have installed the Pi Network app from the App Store, you will need a Pi Network referral code to join and generate Pi Coins. Simply use the aforementioned code piny24 and get started right away.

Note: This page is not part of the official Pi Network website, it is used to join the project via Pi Network referral and to get information about Pi.
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